In the Presbyterian Church there are three types of ordained offices held:

  1. Ministers of the Word and Sacrament (Pastors)
  2. Elders
  3. Deacons

The Session

The Elders and Pastors together form the Session, the governing body of the local church. As identified in the Book of Order (the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.), the Session is given the authority and responsibilities to lead and direct the entire ministry of the church.

The elders are elected annually at a meeting of the congregation and serve in classes by the year they were ordained or installed and serve a 3-year term.

The Session meets monthly and actions covered by the elders appear in the bulletin for the congregation to read after the monthly meeting.

The Board of Deacons

The Deacons are also elected annually at a meeting of the congregation and serve a 3-year term in classes by the year they were ordained or installed. The responsibilities of the Deacons as identified in the Book of Order are to provide practical help and ministry to the congregation and community, under the direction of the Session.

The board of Deacons at First Presbyterian Church of Fort Myers is guided by a two-part mission statement:

To glorify God by providing compassionate care, support, resources, and fellowship to the members of our families, church and community,

And to encourage individuals and their families in times of joy and sorrow as they seek God’s healing power and grace through prayer, presence and tangible acts of service.